July 7, 2014

Local Windows on Pairings chef prepares Farm-to-Table meals

GENEVA — Lisa Pucci Delgado stands in the shine of stainless steel; her pride, heritage and passion embroidered on the sleeve of her spotless white chef’s jacket. She reaches for prosciutto and then green olives. Her knife chops and slides ingredients into bowls.
She is the first person to cook in the state-of-the-art kitchen at Windows on Pairings, and it’s an honor Delgado takes to heart. “I look at this kitchen and I am so excited I have goosebumps,” she said. “I have cooked for people in Cleveland,
Columbus and I’m listed as a personal chef in Puerto Rico — but I am so honored and so excited to be able to cook at this level in my own hometown.”
Delgado is a special occasion chef at Windows on Pairings. This new culinary and education center includes a wine bar, cooking classes, incubator classes for start-up wineries, educational culinary demonstrations and more. Windows is the first phase of the Pairings Wine and Culinary Experience, which will further the area’s key hold as
Ohio’s wine country.
Delgado, who has long been a champion of the farm-to-table movement, said her opportunities at Pairings are something to cheer about.
“I love seeing my own cooking style take off locally,” she said. “I take an immense amount of pride when I see people join the farm to table movement. Pairings is the perfect place to help take that movement to the next level.” Classes and events at Pairings, located on 
Park Street, are scheduled through July, Pairings director Catherine Sterle said.

Delgado will teach a three-day children’s cooking camp and will prepare a three to four course farm-to-table dinner on July 26. Delgado said her mission is to introduce not only good meals sourced from local growers and producers, but to introduce the farmers, too.
“I am beyond proud that I bring the farmer to the dinner and introduce them to the crowd,” she said. “It’s about making that connection — so people can see that the ingredients come from real farms and real people.”
Sterle said supporting local agriculture is built into the vision of Pairings.“
Really we are building on our model with the farm-to-table dinners. We are Ohio proud and we are so happy to have Lisa here to showcase that.”